Image: Intel 80486DX2 processor die, 12×6.75 mm, in its packaging (Wikipedia)

Image: Intel 80486DX2 processor die, 12×6.75 mm, in its packaging (Wikipedia)
If only DEAD people understand hexadecimal, how many people understand hexadecimal?  (soo‘ㄥs :ɹǝʍsuɐ)

Sunday, 8 May 2011


When you read Cambridge IGCSE Computer Studies Coursebook with CD-ROM, please use the Comment facility below to let me know what you would like to see improved in a future edition.

Also, please let me know what extra resources you would like to see on this blog.


  1. Hi,

    There aren't answers to many of the questions in the Student book.

    Where can we obtain them, please?

    Ideally they should be in the back of the book or on a CD-ROM or an accompanying website - but I see no sign of any of these - can you help, please?

  2. CUP originally advertised the future publication of a Teacher's CD-ROM with these answers and more, but then decided not to proceed with it. Unfortunately, I do not own the copyright of the draft answers so I can't publish them myself.

    You could try to create some demand by contacting CUP. In any case, I will contact them to make them aware of the problem that the answers are sorely needed.

  3. I had heard there was a recall of the book, because of errors contained in it, and that the answers are now going to be made available free online, with no CD Rom being published at all. When will the new edition be published? Amazon is in the dark, it seems, and are talking about new stock of the first edition, it seems.

    1. Hullo Eatinpeopleiswrong! There are no plans for a new edition, as the syllabus now has a new title and content. Two other authors have written a completely new coursebook: Other booksellers are available. :)